Key West Tara Mandala
      A Tibetan Buddhist Sangha
       May All Beings Benefit
Key West Tara Mandala is a Florida Keys Tibetan Buddhist 
Sangha (community) within the teaching lineage of 
Lama Tsultrim Allione 
and led by Ellen Booth Church (Yeshe Choepel).

All are welcome.

Saturday, May 12th 10:00-Noon Nature Chapel of Key West Botanical Garden
Deity Practice, Embodiment, Symbols and the Mandala

Lama Tsultrim says of the Mandala practice, This practice is from the Vajrayana (path of transformation) and it is a practice of embodiment. It is through the process of changing our view of ourselves as an "entity" (self) and transforming it into an "energy" (dakini) we awakening to our true nature. We become all five dakinis and experience the embodiment of the five wisdoms."

Please join Ellen Yeshe and the sangha as we explore Vajrayana deity practice and the use of symbols for transformation. Let's discuss how these images in our mandala practice open the door to our experience of our true nature.

"The Eightfold Path is really the essential teaching of the Buddhist Path". 

The Eightfold Path is the Buddha's "recipe" for ending suffering.  
How do you do it?  
This is how you do it!

So if we actually follow the Eightfold Path, we would reach enlightenment, we would reach a state of awakening.  This was how the Buddha said to do it.  so if we were to just take the Eightfold Path and say, "Okay, that's what I'm going to do, I'm just going to foll these guidelines of the Eightfold Path, " that could be a very powerful and complete path.  This is something that's really important to get an idea about, to have some knowledge of, and to think about, to contemplate, this Eightfold Path because it's really the core of what the Buddha said to do.

   -- Lama Tsultrim Allione

Ellen Booth Church 
(Yeshe Chopel
is an educator and writer and 
30-year practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism.  She is the teacher for the Key West Tara Mandala sangha and travels the world spreading the Dharma of Buddhist teachings.

General  Meditation Schedule
(subject to change)

Key West

Key West Botanical Gardens, Key West, FL

Irregular Tuesdays 
(7pm - 8:30pm)

Scheduling can change 

Families Belong Together

Please join the Tara Mandala community in offering the Mantra of Green Tara for the children and families who have been separated.

As of July 25, 2018 we have collected 103,634 Green Tara Mantras.  We have passed 100,000. Please continue your mantra recitation to resolve the situation of parents and children facing separation at the US border with Mexico.

Join us in mantra recitation. The Tara Mandala community is accumulating mantras with you. Post your mantra numbers in the comments of this post. Or if you cannot post to Facebook, please email your accumulations to Let’s continue to be together in practice.

See yourself as Green Tara and repeat her mantra:

Visualize yourself as Green Tara sending waves of green light and compassion to everyone involved.

Green Tara description:
With one face and two hands, emerald green in color, she performs the mudra (gesture) of generosity with the right hand extended over the knee holding the stem of a lotus flower blossoming by the right ear. With the left hand held to the heart in a mudra of blessing she holds the stem of a lotus - blossoming to the left side. Adorned with gold and jewels in the form of a tiara with five gems, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and the like, she wears various silk garments. With the right leg extended, resting on a small moon and lotus cushion, and the left drawn up, she sits in a relaxed posture on a moon disc.

~ With Gratitude.

Green Tara (9th Tara) photos from Tara Mandala by Alan Kozlowski.

"All major religious traditions carry 
basically the same message, 
that is love, compassion and forgiveness . . . 
the important thing 
is that they should be a part of our daily lives."

- the Dalai Lama
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