Key West Tara Mandala
      A Tibetan Buddhist Sangha
       May All Beings Benefit

The Key West Tara Mandala sangha sends you "many tashi deleks" for a healthy new year filled with the light of awareness. 
May all living beings have a deep sense of 
peace and compassion.

Start your New Year with a exceptional experience.  You have the unique opportunity to witness the construction of a Sacred Sand Mandala in Key West.
It will be constructed January 3rd to 10th in St.Paul's Episcopal Church on Duval St. 
The Drepung Gomang monks will be creating a Sand Mandala of Compassion as part of their Sacred Art Tour.


Key West Tara Mandala, Inc.

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Please join us for practice this Saturday  in Key West. 

Saturday, July 30th 10-Noon Nature Chapel Key West Tara Mandala

Working with the Wisdom of Emptiness in the Mandala

Ellen Yeshe will be back on Skype to share about her Retreat and offer teachings on the Wisdom of Emptiness in the Mandala practice. 
Join us! 

May ALL beings rest in their oneness. 

Key West Tara Mandala is a Florida Keys Sangha that gathers to meditate and study together within the teaching lineage of Lama Tsultrim Allione.  
The Sangha is led by Ellen Booth Church (Yeshe Choepel).
Those new to, or experienced in meditation are welcome.

Key West Botanical Gardens Nature Chapel
"All major religious traditions carry 
basically the same message, 
that is love, compassion and forgiveness . . . 
the important thing 
is that they should be a part of our daily lives."

- the Dalai Lama

Amogasiddhi is the Action BUDDHA of the Karma Family.
But Karma's action is... the flow rather than the force.
This is the point in the mandala where we take all that we have learned and experienced with the other buddhas and put it into Right Action.
What will I do with all that I have experienced? 
What right actions can I bring to my life and lives of others? 
Ngakpa Chögyam says this about the encumbered Karma’s response to emptiness….
“The encumbered Karma person experiences his/her own intrinsic spacious nature as groundless anxiety from the fear of vanishing, which can lead to a sense of panic and paranoia. The reaction to intrinsic space (Dharmadhatu) manifests as a fear of obliteration- a feeling that space has a deadly finality about it. There is a deep sense of insecurity and even a holding of the air element...breath  when we are in a state of panic.
The encumbered karma person is fundamentally concerned with losing ground. Existence is validated in terms of protecting territory. This is different from Ratna's insecurity because she feels a total lack of territory in the spaciousness.  BUT the Karma person does not feel a lack of is more of a feeling of totally insecure about the territory he or she may appear to have.
The encumbered Karma person is someone with a shaky confidence in the sense of who they are, what they do or have. They feel that here is something crucial about the world that they do not quiet understand. A secret they do not share.
Jealousy manifests in relationship to what is perceived as the security of other people. This breeds a sense of inadequacy.
Envy of what seems to be other peoples more sophisticated security systems, can cripple the Karma encumbered person's ability to interact with others. They wear themselves out with relentless thinking and comparing, which ironically only heightens their sense of nervousness. So Paranoia becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
The Wisdom Karma person experiences the liberated field of the air element as the strong and steady wind that enables ships to make good headway. It is the fresh clean wind in our hair that shakes off lethargy. The fresh wind that simulates the feeling that we could accomplish anything.
The discovery of intrinsic space enables the wisdom karmas to let go of anxieties. In fact, within the experience of intrinsic space, anxieties dissolve into emptiness. From this experience we realize that the origin of suspicion and worry is simply nonexistent. This realization is the dawn of the clear knowledge that paranoia, and the vicious cycle of the intellect, are just ways of trying to prevent ourselves from vanishing!


Key West Botanical Gardens' Nature Chapel
(Key West) Florida
(10am - 12)
Wednesdays (6pm - 7pm)

Every other Monday
(6pm - 8pm)

Scheduling can change 

Key West Tara Mandala, Inc.
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