Key West Tara Mandala
      A Tibetan Buddhist Sangha
       May All Beings Benefit

The Key West Tara Mandala sangha sends you "many tashi deleks" for a healthy new year filled with the light of awareness. 
May all living beings have a deep sense of 
peace and compassion.

Start your New Year with a exceptional experience.  You have the unique opportunity to witness the construction of a Sacred Sand Mandala in Key West.
It will be constructed January 3rd to 10th in St.Paul's Episcopal Church on Duval St. 
The Drepung Gomang monks will be creating a Sand Mandala of Compassion as part of their Sacred Art Tour.


Key West Tara Mandala, Inc.

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Join us this week for practive & meditation

Monday is the Summer Solstice. 
It is traditional to offer the Great Aspiration Prayer of Samatabhadra on the Solstice. At this time of much turmoil in the world... the wise and vast words of this prayer are important to offer. If you have a copy of the prayer, please consider offering it.
Thank you.

Saturday June 25th from 10:00am-Noon
 -Nature Chapel Key West Botanical Garden

The Buddha Amitabha and Fearlessness
Please join the sangha on Saturday for a special offering of Amitabha's Padma wisdom and practice. Ellen will join us at 10 to discuss the Buddha and his Pure Land. After the break, Ellen will offer the guided meditation journey.

May all beings benefit!

Key West Tara Mandala is a Florida Keys Sangha that gathers to meditate and study together within the teaching lineage of Lama Tsultrim Allione.  
The Sangha is led by Ellen Booth Church (Yeshe Choepel).
Those new to, or experienced in meditation are welcome.

Key West Botanical Gardens Nature Chapel
"All major religious traditions carry 
basically the same message, 
that is love, compassion and forgiveness . . . 
the important thing 
is that they should be a part of our daily lives."

- the Dalai Lama

The symbol is a jewel (ratna), associated with richness of the earth. The Ratna Family is sometimes described as the Buddhas of Giving. But they make no distinction and give freely to all (with the wisdom of equanimity). All beings are equally precious to the Ratna Buddhas. Whatever our social position, race, sex, or life form, we are all made from a common earthly "clay". It is said that the grace of Ratna family shines equally on the palace and dung heap. Meditating on Ratna wisdom we Horse with Jeweldevelop solidarity with all humanity, and with all forms of life. 

With all that is happening in the world right now this is an important aspect to focus on.

Try a Ratna Dzogchen meditation: 
Try to take some time to sit on the earth, to feel her ground. The supreme generosity of the earth is always there for us.  Any emotion is graciously received by the earth. Just pour it in and feel it transform into jewels. 


Key West Botanical Gardens' Nature Chapel
(Key West) Florida
(10am - 12)
Wednesdays (6pm - 7pm)

Every other Monday
(6pm - 8pm)

Scheduling can change 

Key West Tara Mandala, Inc.
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